Cool Bio for Instagram (and other socials)
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Cool Bio for Instagram (and other socials)

Instagram bio is, no doubt, one of the most important elements when it comes to social media visibility. With a strong, tell-tale, interesting, and smartly arranged social media bio, anyone can drive twice as much attention to their social accounts than without it.

What is an Instagram bio?

Instagram bio (and other socials bio) is the introductory part of your social media account, which is located right beneath the profile picture.

In your social media bio, you can put:

  • Your name;
  • A brief introduction;
  • Your website or any clickable link (only one ink);
  • Your address (if you have a break and mortar business);
  • Phone number;
  • Related or branded hashtags (no more than 2);
  • Other accounts (you can tag any account in an Instagram bio);
  • Emoji’s

Note that the character limitation for Instagram bio is 150 characters.

How to write a cool bio for Instagram and other socials?

Here are some ideas for a cool Instagram bio that can also be applied to other socials.

  1. Introduce yourself with limited, effective words

As there are character limits in social bios, you need to be very optimized and influential when introducing yourself in bio.

An influential introduction can include:

  • Your niche of activity;
  • Your passions and desires;
  • Metaphorical or allegorical phrases that describe you best; and
  • Emoji.
Instagram bio example

In this photo, you see Oprah’s Instagram bio. She is too famous for being an excellent example of a social media bio. But her bio is smart. With only one sentence and some emojis, she has made the best of her Instagram bio.

Let us take a look at a less famous, but successful Instagram account bio

Instagram bio

Now, this is a better example of an impressive Instagram bio. @goldspikedtlv is not very famous, so they have included anything related to them in their bio, so users know what they exactly do.

They have used emojis and short phrases to point to their services and unique feature.

  • Put a website link there

A website is a fundamental property of any business of any size, as well as any individual looking for personal branding. So, if you have not yet created your website, do it now.

Instagram bio, as well as other social bio sections, allow only one clickable link. So, make the most of this precious opportunity.

You can put a link in your Instagram bio by clicking “Edit” and going to the “website” section. Here you can type or paste one URL, which will later appear in your Instagram bio.


The downside of this option is that you can only put one link in your Instagram bio. As you know the importance of putting clickable links there, you wish you could place and share more of them on your Instagram.

  • Count on the power of hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords of the social media search engine. When you use them in your stories and posts, Instagram will show them as the search result of users who have searched for the hashtags you intend.

Using hashtags in your Instagram bio also helps your profile be shown in the search results of hashtags users intend to find.

Use at most two hashtags in your bio, and they better be related to your niche of activity.

For example, if your niche is beauty and makeup working on hairstyles and eye makeup, then maybe #hairstyles and #eyemakeup are the best hashtags for your Instagram bio.

Over to you

As much as writing a good Instagram bio is dependent on technical issues, it is also a matter of innovation and creativity. Never be afraid of trying new things. Test everything in your profile and update your Instagram bio frequently to reach the best style it can get.

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