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How to Add a Clickable Link Instagram Bio?

On Instagram, you can only add clickable links in a few places. One is an Instagram bio, and the other is an Instagram story.

Instagram’s reason to limit the number of links you can put in the bio is to prevent spreading spam on the platform.

So, you can only put one clickable link in your Instagram bio. Here is how.

How to Add a Clickable Link Instagram Bio?

Instagram bio is one of the places where you can share a clickable link.

All Instagram users can add only one link to their Instagram bio, and it’s clickable. You can always change the clickable Instagram link in your profile whenever you want.

To add the clickable link to your Instagram bio, all you need to do is:

  1. Tap on the “Edit Profile”.
  2. Enter the profile page.
  3. Find the “Website” section of your profile.
  4. Paste the URL of your intended website there.
  5. Now save the changes.

Many businesses and influencers find this a turn-off that they are not allowed to put no more than one link in their bio.

Instagram bio is the most visited section of your profile, and if any conversion happens, this section is the first to convert.

So if you want to put more than one link in your Instagram bio, a wise suggestion would be using third-party apps which let you put unlimited links in your Instagram bio.

Sounds promising!

Other places you can put clickable links on Instagram for free are:

  • Instagram Stories:

You’ve seen those “swipe up” stories? Yes, they are another place to put a clickable link on Instagram. To add a link to Instagram stories, you need to have at least 10k followers.

 Now here is how to:

  1. Create a story just like when you usually do. It can be either a video, a photo, or any form of content from your phone.
  2. Tap the chain icon at the top right corner of your screen (the link icon)
  3. Paste (or type in) your intended website URL here.

Remember that the link icon will only be visible for users with a verified account or a business profile that has more than 10,000 followers.

Links can be added to Instagram stories, once a time.

  • Instagram Direct Message

You can also paste or type any link in your Direct Messages, too. The DM is where you can put unlimited links in. But be careful! If you do it a lot, users might report you as a spammer and get your account disabled.

Over to you

Though the most visited part of your profile on Instagram, most users will never see that link in your bio. So please do not wait for them to see it and click on it by themselves.

You can use post captions, profile buttons, direct messages, stories, ads, and even cross-posts from other platforms to direct them to your link.

This is why you need to know about all the places you can put a link on Instagram. This helps to enforce the possibility that your link will be visible.

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