How to Post on Instagram from PC
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How to Post on Instagram from PC?

Instagram is a mobile app, and it usually does not offer a direct way to post from a computer. But there are always some tricks and tips to help do seemingly impossible things. The good news is that you can simply post to Instagram from any web browser. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So let’s dive right into the mechanics and see how you can post on Instagram using your web browser.

How to Post on Instagram from PC?

Using your web browser is the easiest way to post on Instagram from a laptop or any kind of PC. Reading this article helps you post to Instagram from PC or Mac with just a few clicks.

Post on Instagram from PC (Windows OS)

For this purpose, you can use any browser that works on the Windows operating system.

  • First, go to
  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Now right-click anywhere on the page.
  • From the appeared menu, click “Inspect”.
  • Click on the Tablet/Mobile icon on top of the menu.
Mobile tablet user agent Instagram
  • Choose the device version you want Instagram to be displayed in. Then click refresh for the change to take place.
Alt: mobile responsive web Instagram view

Now close the inspect element page. You can see that all the elements on the Instagram page are displayed as if they are on a mobile app.

To post from pc on Instagram, now click the plus sign at the bottom center of the page and browse images and videos from your PC.

Like the Instagram app, you can edit the image, write a caption, choose the location, and tag people in your post. But you cannot create an album, meaning that this option only allows the user to post single images to Instagram.

Also, you cannot post stories to Instagram from a web browser. Some features and accessibilities are only provided by the Instagram app. This means that Instagram is not changing to going to give up on mobile users, any soon.

Post on Instagram from Mac (Safari Browser)

Using Safari on Mac is easy if you want to post on Instagram from your Mac. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Instagram website.
  2. Log into your Instagram account.
  3. Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced.
  4. Now click on “Show Develop menu in menu bar “.
  5. Then change your user agent in the develop menu
  6. Select the iPhone.

Now Instagram is displayed on your Safari as if on an iPhone.

You can upload images to Instagram, just as explained in the previous section.

All the limits the Windows users face while using the Instagram web are also blocking Mac users. Meaning that no stories upload, no posting albums, and no posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are provided this way.

How to post to IGTV from PC?

To post on IGTV from your PC is so easy and available that you need no transformation of the page and user agent.

Just go to your profile page on and click the IGTV section of your account. Here you can easily browse your PC and upload any video (meeting IGTV requirements) to Instagram.

IGTV post from pc

Over to you

There are also many apps and third-party platforms that let you post to Instagram from PC. But do not trust any app and before using them, do a comprehensive research on their validity and legal properness.

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