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How to turn on Instagram Dark Mode?

It is evident that Instagram’s dark mode protects the eyes from harmful light, especially at night. Dark mode provides users with a low-light display and prevents eye disturbing bright light to be emitted in darker environments.  

Instagram Dark Mode was launched in October 2019, and since then, most mobile operating systems support this feature. That is, anyone with Android 10 and iOS 13, and newer versions can enjoy the dark hue of Instagram.

How to turn on Instagram Dark Mode? (Android and iOS)

Instagram Dark Mode for Android

What you need:

How to:

Step one: Go to the Android Settings.

Step two: Tap on Display.

Step three: Select Advanced.

Step Four: Go to the Device theme menu.

Step Five. Tap on Dark

Step Six: Run the Instagram application and enjoy the dark theme!

Instagram Dark Mode iOS

What you need:

How to:

Step one: Go to the iPhone’s Settings.

Step two: Tap on Display & Brightness.

Step Three: Here, your iOS gives you the possibility to turn on and off the Dark Mode, or set a custom schedule for it to automatically switch on and off; you can also set the schedule to match the current daylight hours of your region.

Step Four: Run the Instagram application and let the darkness glow!

More Power Saving Options on Instagram

Besides eye protection, Instagram dark mode is also a solution for power saving. If this is the reason you came to this page and you don’t own Android 10 or iOS 13, there are more ways to save power on your phone when running Instagram.

Instagram pre-loads photos and videos, so when you open the Instagram app, these photos and videos start to display with no delay.

This behavior drains your phone’s battery and increases your data usage to a significant degree. But you can prevent your Instagram from doing this.

To limit this behavior, tap the menu icon at the app’s top right, then choose the settings icon at the bottom. Go to ‘Account,’ then select ‘Mobile data use‘ and toggle ‘Data saver‘ on.

Now Instagram won’t download any photo or video unless you want it to.

Instagram dark mode, together with the data and power-saving option of Instagram, helps you gain an optimal browsing experience in the app.

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