What Is Link in Bio on Instagram?
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What Is Link in Bio on Instagram?

So, you were told to click the link in bio on Instagram and wonder what and where this link is? Don’t know what this link is for, or how to put it up there?

Well, you are in the right place to find out. Let’s o through this article and see what this link in the Instagram bio is.

What Is Link in Bio on Instagram?

Besides stories, Instagram bio is the only place on Instagram where you can put links in. This link can be added to the Instagram bio, right underneath your profile picture (on the phone), or next to your profile picture (on the Instagram web).

Instagram bio-phone and web

The Instagram link in bio is right in the bio, under where I have marked with orange.

You can only put one link there, and it is clickable. But there are third-party apps and software that let you put multiple links in your Instagram bio.

Also, hashtags, mentions, and emojis can be placed in the Instagram bio.

How to put a link in the Instagram bio?

To put a link in your Instagram bio, you need to edit your bio. To edit the bio, click on the “Edit Profile” button under the Instagram bio.

Instagram edit profile

In this section, you will see some fields:

  • Name: which is your page’s name (the name is different than the username and appears at the top of your bio).
  • Username: which is the ID of your page and appears at the top of your page?
  • Website: Which is our intended Instagram link in bio and is clickable?
  • Bio: where you can talk about your page. This section is limited to 150 characters?
  • Email: (can be hidden from bio)
  • Phone number: (can be hidden from bio)
Instagram link in bio

As I said, you can only put one link in the bio.

The bio section of your Instagram page reveals the identity of your page at the first sign. So, you’d better be super obsessive with this part and introduce your page as optimally and clearly as is possible.

Some tips for a clean Instagram bio

  • Use hashtags: hashtags work as the keywords to the Instagram search. If you want your page to be seen in the search section of Instagram, use two or three related hashtags to your business or activity.
  • Use mentions: If you have more than one page on Instagram and they are related, or you want to link them to each other, citing them in the bio section is the best way. This way, whoever follows one page, will probably follow the other pages, too.
  • Put some emojis: emojis give your page some spirit and hue. Besides, emojis can talk more words than a sentence by themselves. If you have a long message to put in your Instagram bio, but the limited count of characters comes in the way, using emojis can be the best way to convey your message.
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