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Why women use social media more in 2020?

In 2020, there are 3.8 billion users who use social media; about 60 % of the world is online on these charming platforms that 71 % of women use social media and 62 % of men.

social media and women

In 2020, there are 3.8 billion users who use social media; about 60 % of the world is online on these charming platforms. Maybe in the future, nobody sees each other face to face and just by social networks do everything even kissing and smelling each other that 71 % of women use social media and  62 % of men.

daily time spent using social media in 2020

Maybe it is not important which gender uses social media more but it helps your business that you have more women customers or men and which social media is suitable for advertising. According to history, women always have impacted buying habits, also many females prefer to purchase brand products social media would be the most effective and beneficial tool.

There is another interesting stat that be found 86% of females’ social profiles with an average of 2.2 accounts. A recent study was done on a group of 2000 women; shows that 1 in 4 of them tells tall tales, the lies seem women didn’t want to show their selves boring or tried to impress people.

24% of women prefer meeting via social networks rather than face to face. Even 62% of them liked to control their people’s accessibility. They can let to see and hear about your sharing; therefore social media are the safest place for them.

Women spend 2.08 hours a day on social networks while men spend 1.81 hours a day.

“This is definitely generally speaking and it is not true for all women or all men, but women tend to be more communicative in general, so it makes sense that they are on social media more often,”

Kristen Herhold at The Manifest told WTOP

Social media gender statistics in 2020

Now, let’s assess some social networks that both genders are active on them:

Facebook and women

On Facebook, women tend to share more personal problems, while men want to discuss about abstract topics and researches showed “female topics” get more likes. Women use Facebook as a relationship tool and have 55% posts on their wall and have 8% more Facebook friends. Also, an interesting part is that 69% of gamers on Facebook are women.

Facebook gender users
Location of Facebook users

Instagram and women

As all know, Instagram is a platform for fashion, beauty, design, and brands that target women as its customers. Another reason is, this platform is for sharing photos and women are more interested in showing themselves, their clothes, make –up, home, etc. Appearance is so important for women and this platform is the best place for that.

“Young women dominate Instagram and visual platforms in general. Instagram gives you the power to modify your appearance in a way that’s practically on par with makeup and other beauty products”

said Rachel Simmons
Instagram gender users
Location of Instagram users

Twitter and women

Approximately, women use twitter as same as men. Of course, it depends on the location because Twitter has a commercial zone and is for business and news. In fact, on Twitter, you can show your skills about your business and people more follow news by twitter, so this is more interesting for men. And why level stat of these 2 genders are close to each other? Because women are starting a business and getting more skills.

Twitter gender users
distribution of twitter users

Additionally, Zhu said,

“Men may not find the content of women’s tweets as compelling as other men’s, or they may not feel obligated to reciprocate relationships and follow women who follow them.”

Location of Twitter users

Pinterest and women

Women have more heavily users on Pinterest. I think you can guess why? Women love purchasing and on Pinterest, 83% have made a purchase weekly. Also, on Pinterest, you can learn art and handy craft in which females are more interested in them.

As noted by Pinterest:

“85% of women told us they use Pinterest to plan small or big life moments, compared with Facebook 53% and Instagram 44%”

Socialmediatoday shared interesting statistics:

  • Finding recipe ideas for meals and snacks (67%)
  • Taking a vacation in the next 6 months (50%)
  • Having their ideal home in the next five years (43%)
  • Weekly workout routines (35%)
  • Seeking inspiration for kids’ birthday parties or other large parties (34%)

Don’t forget women love the brand, therefore Pinterest is the best place for finding Brands.

Pinterest gender users

YouTube and women

Each of us knows YouTube as a video platform that shows more about music and films, advertising and watching video on TV screens, also you can find some tutorial videos. As the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media analyses, people more pay attention to ads created by women, so men watching YouTube ads more. But these statistics are not so far from each other; it’s like Twitter because women are interested in business as same as men and want to be an entrepreneurial person.

“Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.”

The U.N.
YouTube gender users


Now you know which social media is appropriate for your business if your target is women and where can females more for making partnerships.

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